Video Testimonials:

Marie Clark 

I never thought I’d like this as much. I got into a car accident that has left me with severe pain in my right shoulder, so when I was suggested to see Dr. Meng, the first thing I thought was I know I’m not gonna like it. Besides pain, I was here to lose weight, and water-retention. I started here in January, and in one month, I lost 15 pounds. Since I’ve started here, I have felt much more relaxed, with less pressure and stress on my injured shoulder after she works on it.

With the combination of Dr. Meng’s diet, acupuncture, knowledge, and herbs, I have drastically decreased my water-retention. I used to have bulges on my thighs due to water-retention, but I don’t have them anymore!! I am really really impressed. Dr. Meng’s method is to treat and balance the body as a whole, because each part connects to the next, so that’s why it is best to treat the whole body.

Dr. Meng has been the one who has helped me, through her herbs and acupuncture, get this weight off and keep it off. My energy has been way up because I’ve actually been able to sleep. I used to take sleeping pills, but after only one month with Dr. Meng, I now no longer take any sleeping pills. The way I feel now is like night and day, and I plan to come back forever.

I have be going to dr meng for 4 yr now went to her for a lnjury she has help with that a lot have very little pain now with the cupping and the mud treatment and i was very heavy she help me lose 87 lb so thank i have found her her staff is so great i tell everyone about dr meng

-Tomas in West Palm Beach, FL | Mar 21, 2017

Am very impressed with the results of acupuncture, cupping, and natural herbs. Would highly recommend Meng Acupuncture. Very professional knowledge and caring environment!

West Palm Beach, FL | Mar 30, 2017

I have recommended Dr. Meng to many of my friends and colleagues. She is highly-skilled and understands that even though you may come in with one major problem, the condition of the whole body needs to be considered in order to achieve the best results. She listens carefully and diagnosis the root cause of your complaint. By treating the root cause, often what happens is that your overall health and well-being improves. My experience with Dr. Meng far exceeded my expectations.

-Yasmin in Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Mar 30, 2017

I have been seeing Dr. Meng for over 4 years now. She has helped me with my chronic back pain, stress, headaches, digestion, weight loss, and postpartum depression. She truly cares for her patients and I am truly grateful for all treatments she has done for me. Because of Dr. Meng, I feel so much better. I absolutely love her cupping and herbs because they help me flush all the toxins from my body. I highly recommend her.

Boca Raton, FL | May 01, 2017

It was a pleasure meeting Dr.Meng and her staff. Dr.Meng is forthright about her treatment and what is expected of her patients. She is knowledgeable and caring. I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks and for me that is a challenge. The supplements she recommends are wonderful and it’s definitely part of the treatment plan. Her staff is caring and her office is relaxing and clean. I would highly recommend Dr.Meng. Do not waste any time giving her a call!! S.Swan NYC

-p dutcher in Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Jun 08, 2017

I started seeing Dr. Meng for acute neck pain following a car accident. Three weeks later the pain was completely gone. I continue to see her for weight maintenance, stress and over all well being. I would go everyday if my schedule would allow.

-Robin L. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Jun 14, 2017

At my first visit in August, Dr. Meng and I agreed upon a goal of losing 8lbs. I have now lost 19lbs and I feel great! I fell in January injuring my ankle and leg. I was told I would need months of PT by my doctor. With Dr. Meng’s treatments I only needed two weeks of PT! I am now getting facial rejuvenation treatments with Dr. Meng. Out of all other treatments I have tried, I have never had results so quickly and beautifully! She drastically reduces my stress level and helps me be the best me!

-Debbie G in Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Jun 15, 2017

I started seeing Dr. Meng after seeing doctors and specialists that couldn’t help my joints or digestion. After her treatments of acupuncture and cupping, I felt better almost immediately! Her herbs work wonders for me and my daughter, who I also bring to see Dr. Meng. For years I’ve struggled with feeling well overall and after these treatments I have more energy, healthy digestion, and overall I just feel good. I recommend Dr. Meng to all of my friends and family members!

-RG in Jupiter, FL | Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Meng has been treating me for inflammation in my legs/hands and allergies (food and environmental). Regular doctors have had no answers or treatments that work. With Dr. Meng’s treatments I’ve seen a decrease in my inflammation and I feel my allergies aren’t as bad as they used to be. She takes her time to answer questions and explain what she is doing. Her staff is kind and helpful as well. Overall I feel much better and will continue my treatment.

I am a middle aged woman who has had problems with weight gain over the past 10 years. I have tried many different diets and exercise programs with limited results but nothing that has given me permanent change that I have been looking for. I met Dr Meng and she told me about acupuncture and her weight loss program and because she seemed genuinely concerned about me as a person I decided to sign up for the treatment. The whole experience has been wonderful, Dr Meng takes the time with you to explain everything that she doing, the needle placement and the herbs that you take twice a day. I have lost so far 10 pounds in weight but best of all I seem to have lost the constant craving for food that has always been a problem to me. I can fully recommend Dr Meng and her acupuncture for weight loss program it has definitely made a significant change to my life.
I have been pleasantly surprised with my acupuncture results. I had no pre-conceived notions of what a treatment would feel like. It’s painless! No voodoo or magic! Dr. Meng understands the body parts, how each one functions on its own, together in a group, why they make us feel sick and how to make them better. It’s amazing to me. Consistent appointments, taking the prescribed herbs will make you feel better. Just don’t give up in the beginning. Remember, Dr. Meng is trying to heal the pain, not mask it with drugs! -Claudia Albino, Patient and Owner of DermaSilke
Dr. Meng’s acupuncture has helped me to finally feel better and get healthy after years of illness. We are fortunate to have her expertise in South Florida.
I started acupuncture treatment with Gina after one of her lectures. I had always been interested in trying acupuncture and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I decided to balance my Chi (vital life force energy) which basically gives the body an overall balance and helps it to function optimally. She told me it would take a few months to see total results and to be patient and positive. It’s been almost two months and I have definitely started to see a difference in myself. My quality of sleep has improved and I feel like I have more energy during my day. The sessions themselves are very relaxing, I look forward to going every week. She also started me on herbs, which help my body get what it needs naturally. I can’t wait to see what else improves in me over the next few months. – Michele S., 27 yrs. old
“I was in a car accident in June of 2008, after going to see countless doctors for weeks and weeks I was finally diagnosed with PCS (post concussive syndrome). I read online that acupuncture could help with this disorder. The symptoms included; headaches, neck pain, back pain, dizziness, nausea and anxiety. I reached out to Dr. Meng for help, after only 10 sessions of acupuncture, herbs and cupping I feel so much better! I am back to work and on the way to being back to myself. My headaches are completely gone, my neck and back pain are down to a minimum, my nausea is gone, my dizziness is gone and my anxiety is down to a manageable level. I plan on continuing to see Dr. Meng on a regular basis because not only did she heal my pain it was a very relaxing treatment. Most people would think it is painful procedure, but it is not at all; in fact, I would fall asleep during my sessions. The herbs make me feel more balanced and definitely helped with relaxing me. I would highly recommend Dr. Meng to anyone who is seeking a doctor who truly cares and will help you.” – Carolina
All my life I had struggled with weight loss due to my hypo thyroid;polycsytic ovaries; poor digestive system and kidney disease. I was always in the gym working out trying new diets; working out with trainers and never could lose 1lb. I have struggled with this for years, until I found Dr, Meng, who introduced me to her weight loss program with acupuncture . After two months of Dr. Meng’s treatment and weightloss program I have lost 22lbs,my digestive system is feeling so much better and my energy levels has increased. Dr, Meng has truely saved my life. – Lena 34
“I was in so much pain in the back muscle of my left leg, and had a tingling sensation in my toes. I was taking cold packs to work and sleeping with them, but the pain was so unbearable that I was using crutches. I tried to get a massage for my leg and it didn’t work. So then I remembered that my ex boyfriend had got into a horrible car accident years ago and the only thing that actually helped him was acupuncture. My friend at work came in one day and was in pain, so I told him lets go get acupuncture done. We both decided to come see Dr.Meng, I’m very scared of needles so I watched my friend get it done first and saw that it didn’t seem so bad! That’s when I decided to get it done and I didn’t even feel the needles, it felt painless, Dr.Meng truly exceeded my expectation! I had got three sessions, but after the first acupuncture treatment I was already feeling better. I feel good now, and am looking forward to going back to the gym. I’m even sleeping better! Dr.Meng is very happy, warm and comfortable. She always makes it a pleasure to be seen! Glad I decided to treat myself to a great Christmas present, thank you Dr.Meng. -Tinashe 
“ I came across Dr.Meng’s Ad when I was reading an article about a brush for your face with needles on it to help with wrinkles, and that’s when I came in for a visit. The first time I came to see Dr.Meng I realized that my eye stopped twitching, but I never said anything to Dr.Meng because I wanted to make sure of it first. You see I suffer from Blepharospasm, and have Tinnitus in my ear, so it’s always ringing, and now the ringing is going down. Dr.Meng is very knowledgeable and notices every little detail! She makes it a pleasure to be seen, I feel like we are working together with how she communicates. Now I ’m no longer taking any medication, and I’m feeling fantastic! I’m so thrilled I came in to be seen for one issue and got results for three I’ve been having. Even my husband comes in to be treated, we couldn’t imagine coming to be seen by anyone else! -Maureen ” 4
 “ I first heard about acupuncture from my mother who had bad blood vessels on her ankles. When she came home after two treatments of acupuncture it was like miracle medicine, the bad blood vessels were gone. Now at 80 years old everything fells likes its falling apart! To follow my mothers footsteps I decided to come in to see Dr.Meng, and how I could be treated. Upon my first visit meeting Dr.Meng I knew I came to the right place! She made me feel like I was a long time patient, and not like some stranger she just met. Naturally I was very comfortable with Dr.Meng, I look forward to my weekly visits. – Inger ”